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GirlStuff RAVE Neon Collection and Solique UV-Glow Gel Top Coat Launch

你现在可能知道我上周有多忙 GirlStuff RAVE Neon Polish Collection and Solique UV-Glow Gel Top Coat.  Just a bit of background,the owner 博士。Janina Gutierrez Tan先生and I go way back!  It was more than 5 years ago when she emailed me to try her polishes!  Because the quality of GirlStuff polishes are really good,I ended up using at least one polish on my every 美甲指导贴子你看!快进到两年后,詹妮娜要求见个面,想让我帮她正式启动Girlstuff!对于像我一样爱她的波兰人,我答应了!其余的都是历史!

Our 3rd launch in less than 2 years!  I'm sure there will be more to come!  Thanks Janina for the trust.

Now back to the collection,when we were planning on how to create a bang for this particular RAVE Neon Polish Summer Collection and Solique UV-Glow Gel Top Coat.Janina had a bright idea on turning a bar pitch black in the afternoon because our age may be out of the calendar but we are definitely young at heart! (Reality: Lola talaga kami,wala kaming alam!hahaha)

Because Janina and I are so used to working together even through Viber messages and emails,the launch that was supposed to happen at the end of the month was pushed to an earlier date.  You may see me "chill"while sitting on a makeup chair getting prettified by the ever talented 李·罗伯托·菲格罗亚,my brain was dozing off as I lack sleep and felt extremely tired.  You may call me the "Walking Dead"!

但是在头发和化妆品的帮助下,再加上我的Rave Neon夏季系列,I was instantly pumped up!  I can feel the energy down my spine!

So in love with this combo!  Will use the other 2 shades next time!

Then guests were starting to arrive and I knew this is going to be one HELLA of an AFTERNOON Party!
They are wonderful and extremely talented!

现在来看看Girlstuff Rave Neon Polish夏季系列。共有4款Neon灯罩具有相同的Girlstuff承诺-不含有害化学物质,在法国制造。

Someone on Instagram asked me if these polishes are opaque enough when applied 2 coats,I personally suggest to use a white base coat underneath because neon shades appear more vibrant and better with a white base!


So after each attendee get to have their nails done, Fly Shades(one of our sponsors) were there to spoil each attendee with a pair of summer shades!  As Janina and I were planning for this launch,she mentioned to me how she wants to wear a pair of shades every time she wears her Neon polishes!  I believe the attendees felt the same way too!

Guests are free to play up with all these neon colored hair bands and sticks!  They can also apply highlighter on any part of their body!


The event was hosted by the fun,gorgeous and lovable ---- NIKKI TIU!  *lol*  But seriously,这是我第三次主持这个品牌,我非常感谢所有的与会者,他们勇敢地冒着发薪日的流量来到这里。thanks girls!  You all know who you are!

AMW Wore Plains & Prints Top and Skirt
越亮,the better!:p

因为那天是珍妮生日的前一天,I was able to come up with a surprise for her by inserting a "Birthday Surprise"in between my script!  I'm glad she was surprised and I was able to pull off hiding the cake from her!

Thanks Tazzy Cake为了在短时间内做出这么漂亮的蛋糕!如果你还记得我们为凯尔的第一个生日聚会做的蛋糕吗?同一供应商!它们的细节令人惊叹,我喜欢它们的蛋糕多么美味!

Just when guests thought it was just the normal "Neon"Party!  They were in for a huge surprise!  At a count of 5,the lights were all dimmed and only UV lights were left!

一些客人花了一段时间才意识到,但他们的指甲终于发光了!感谢 Solique UV-Glow Gel Top Coat!

Solique Gel Top Coat is a revolutionary formula.  It glows in black light or UV light.  It has the same shine that Solique polishes give and it gives long lasting protection to manicure.

Aside from just giving a unique "glow"to your Solique Gel polishes,Girlstuff抛光剂或任何品牌的抛光剂,你也可以单独使用SoiCK凝胶面漆,因为它可以防止钉子的碎裂和抖动!

最棒的是?这会立刻变干,客人可以吃东西,drink,take photos without ruining their newly-applied polish!

The gorgeous set up at Relik bar looks even more beautiful under UV light.

Of course,对于我们这些不在酒吧或没有紫外线照射的人来说,fret not.  Since the sun also has UV light,the Solique UV Glow Gel Top Coat also reacts to sunlight thus changing the color of your regular polish in broad daylight!

Now,as to ANY GirlStuff event,we make sure to always make our guests happy with awesome prizes!  Winners for Instagram Photo contests.

3 winners of cash prize
Congrats Chrissy,Ava and Valerie!

Best IG Photo goes to Janeena Chan

Ms.Viva Olalia Guzman来自Quiverwas also there to give out awesome beach wear and accessories to 5 lucky winners!

But to all the guests who attended,they get to take home the whole RAVE Neon Summer Collection,Solique UV-Glow Gel Top Coat and the pretty bag which was made specially for this launch!

More photos taken during the event by awesome photographer Marty!

All thanks to the girls of Benefit Philippines for always supporting us!  Love you girls!
with Benefit's Brand Manager Donna

With Benefit's Marketing Manager Kriska
Alexa Ilacad

Thanks Alexa for gracing our event!  She told me how much of a GirlStuff Polish fan she is!

With the lovely girls who helped me all throughout 3 events!  Alma and Roe,thanks!

当然,我要祝贺这对权力夫妻!Janina和Rod,congratulations and thanks for being such sweet people!  I'm so happy to get the chance to work with genuine,kind-hearted professionals like you two!

GirlStuff RAVE Neon polish Collection
Clockwise: Techno,休息室,节拍和寒意

Topped with Solique UV-Glow Gel Top Coat
You get this!

Personally,I am amazed with the quality of these polishes!  This was applied during the event!  With all the house work I've been doing --- cooking,洗碗,typing,constant washing of hands,等。。。新涂的上光油看起来很新鲜!它可能在我的小指上有一个小芯片,但那是因为我打字很难,而且我打字很多!!!

GirlStuff polishes and Solique Gel Polishes are available at GirlStuff Kiosk,Cart SM Mall of Asia,SM North EDSA,SM San Lazaro,SM Megamall,Glorietta 2和Alabang镇中心。

Follow them on FB @GirlStuff Forever and IG @GirlstuffForever

What's your favorite NEON Shade?
Will you pick a UV Glow Gel Top Coat?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The party's concept is FUN I want to recreate on my birthday this year ;)

    1. Super fun!I can see the guests were enjoying too!That's the most important part :D

  2. The shades are so cute!我爱他们所有人!

    1. 彼此彼此!我等不及要换颜色了!我必须把这个保存至少一个星期来测试质量,现在我完成了,so excited to try the other shades!!!你最喜欢什么颜色的霓虹灯?

  3. Hi Ms Nikki.Love those nails,those are my looks during summer because I have an excuse to go berserk with neons and bright colors.I'd like to ask if you can review the Body shop shade adjusting drops,我很感兴趣的使用这个,因为我有问题的基础色调,因为我的家人和朋友已经来了我的轻化妆改造,我觉得这将有助于我很多,而不是购买不同的阴影基础。Thank you and more power

    1. Sure,I'll go to the store and see!会更新你的!

  4. 美丽的!It seems like you ladies had a blast!The neon colors look amazing!

  5. I love the colours!派对看起来非常有趣!

    1. 真的很有趣CJ,I smile every time I see photos or remember the event


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