Sunday,September 30,2018

The Great Gatsby Party at Penthouse by the Bay

I won't forget this day.  A very busy Saturday as it started out early with brunch date with my Highschool friends,a quick grocery shopping for my parents at the supermarket then off to my mom and dad for his monthly haircut.

At times,I wonder why I tend to be a Jane of All Trades Master of none,但在这段时间里,我很高兴我利用一切机会学习理发之类的东西 (I went to school for this way back before I studied makeup!),请in times like these where my dad can't go out for his haircut,我可以为他做家政服务!是的,我做的按摩也很好,这并不伤人!我爸爸渴望它!

After breaking my clipper (那天我非常累,所以把它掉了下来),请最后我用剪刀剪了爸爸的头发,我姐姐说爸爸看起来很年轻很酷。 (which I took it as a compliment)我帮我爸爸和他的护理者洗澡,yes,I never thought the time will come I'd be comfortable bathing my dad!  But I guess being a mom myself changed everything!

Then I went home and took a shower again and did my makeup quickly as I head to the launch of Penthouse by the Bay at the Rizal Park Hotel.

I look quite okay right?  :D

如果你想在马尼拉地区的扎尔公园等旅游景点附近预订一个度假酒店,Intramuros,Ongpin,etc...  You can look for The Rizal Park Hotel as an option as the place looks fabulous!  Picture-perfect in all corners!


I was invited for a Gatsby Party with fellow Blogger Friends and it was a fun night!


Meat Lovers Pizza cone
Pepperoni,Italian Sausage,Mozzarella and Marinara

Quattro Formaggi
My favorite pizza of the night!  I acted like a sales lady that night asking everyone to try this :P

Fresh mussels Genaro's Style Red Sauce


我在菜单上找不到这个,must be new that night but this is actually a Spam rice with a twist!  I love the crunch on the outside and good old Spam on the inside.

And of course,如果没有美酒和烈酒,时尚的用餐就不完整。他们带着贝瑞兄弟和陆克文,还有很多适合皇室的饮料!

My favorite drink of the night - Reserve Rose

And of course,没有甜点就不完整了!这让这个地方着火了——形象和字面上!


With Shari,杰基,Angela and Alyssa
Penthouse by the Bay
Rooftop,里扎尔公园酒店,South Road Drive,
Manila,Philippines 1000

Have you seen Rizal Park Hotel?

Penthouse by the Bay is an events place最多可容纳500人(站立)或270人坐位。

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



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