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Monday,March 11,2019

Inglot LipSatin Lipsticks Review

Inglot came up with a lipstick that is meant for ME.
Seriously this was MADE for me and my parched lips!  And the shades?  Just pick your favorite.

a photo of Inglot LipSatin Lipsticks Review

Inglot LipSatin Lipsticks
Inglot reinvents their bestselling lipsticks with the new Soft Matte Lipsatin Lipstick.  This soft matte formula feels lightweight and gives a satin-velvet finish,leaving your lips looking fuller with a clear contour.  Its moisturizing properties such as Vitamin E,cherry seed,argan,apricot seed and coconut oils makes it easy to apply on the lips,while providing nourishment and regeneration.

a photo of Inglot LipSatin Lipsticks Review

Monday,August 20,2018

J.Lo x Inglot Lipstick in Dolce

When Jennifer Lopez announced her makeup line with Inglot and dropped them all at once with a complete Eyes,Face,Nails,Lips and even included her own collection of Freedom Palette (70-pcs.make up collection to be exact),my inner Beauty Geek was screaming like a child.


I've always told Mr.AMW how I love J.Lo's makeup looks!  From her music videos to movies,her makeup is always ON POINT!  And one look that I really want to achieve is her gorgeous dark eyes and nude lips!

I blame her tan,golden skin,she can wear any nude lipstick and look Fab!  As for me,I have to pick the right shade of "nude"for me to look a quarter of that J.Lo "fab-ness".  Thankfully,with her lipstick line with shades handpicked by none other than J.Lo herself,I've found a perfect nude color called DOLCE.

Let me work it for you *winks*

a photo of Jennifer Lopez Inglot Lipstick in Dolce Review by Nikki Tiu of www.spbarber.com亚博足球

Jennifer Lopez x Inglot Lipstick
Available at: Inglot StoresGlorietta,SM Megamall,Trinoma,and SM Mall of Asia.

a photo of Jennifer Lopez Inglot Lipstick in Dolce Review by Nikki Tiu of www.spbarber.com亚博足球
"Give a kiss to your amor,amor,amor.  Create beautifully luscious lips with rich and sensual colors.  The lip protecting formula provides incredible coverage,allowing you to create bold,unique looks by layering shades.  The application is even and effortless,with a longlasting and non-sticky effect.  Get creative and blend shades for multi-dimensional color."

Wednesday,July 4,2018

Nail Art Tutorial: Cosmic Nails

I planned another nail art tutorial for you but when I opened my box of Nail Art Tools,all my materials from 2-Way Nail Art Pens to my favorite L.A.Colors Art Deco polishes are dried out --- come on,5 long years of not using them?  Siyempre naman!

So instead of sulking,I've decided to pick a sponge and create Cosmic Inspired Nail Art Design.  Since my son is so much into Space,my nails immediately puts a big smile on his cute li'l face!

What you need:
Sponge,Base Shade and at least 2 shades to create gradient nails.
Lastly,let's not forget that quick dry top coat because I'm always rushing!

a photo of Cosmic inspired nail art tutorial by Nikki tiu of Askmewhats.com亚博足球

Thursday,June 21,2018

A Blush That Keeps You GLOWing!

How do you keep glowing?
By using glowing face products especially BLUSH!

I used to create such a nice base --- glowing base!  But whenever I pat on my Blush Powder,everything turned MATTE!  All the efforts went down the drain!

Thankfully,I was once invited for a workshop at Inglot SM Megamall,because of that,I was able to use the underrated Inglot AMC Face Blush - I used it so many times on different attendees and I was amazed on the effect I had to purchase one before I left the store!

It was that POWERFUL!  And the purchase didn't fail me,look at the gorgeous shade on my cheeks!

a photo of Inglot AMC Face Blush Nikki Tiu www.spbarber.com亚博足球

Inglot AMC Face Blush
A talc-free blush formula with treated pigments provides sheer yet intense color.Perfect for dry skin,the product is also longwearing.Creamy formula allows easy application and blending.

a photo of Inglot AMC Face Blush shade 95

Thursday,May 3,2018

A Subtle Contour Powder for Fair Complexion!

Remember my favorite daily contour powder from Pony Effect?  If you don't,feel free to click link HEREand reread my old post!  I loved it so much I actually hit the pan and I don't know if I get to order from Althea again because they are always out-of-stock.

Yes,I have a couple of nice-looking contour powders for the face that I use on a daily basis but there are really days I'm craving for that super natural contour powder that looks almost seamless and invisible to the naked eye.

What's the point of applying if it looks invisible you say?

Well,it gives a nice effect on Photos and #AMWIgStories!hahaha Arte no?  But hey,a girl gotta do something to look nice for you guys!  #GroupHug nga!

So back to my subtle contour powder story!  The Pony Effect Contour Powder in Crony has a bit of a warmer undertone and some of you can see that on my review post!  Today,I'm sharing the same effect but this time,on a cooler undertone and you don't need to log online to purchase one!  It is easily accessible in Inglot Stores!

a photo of Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder review in shade 505

Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder
Shade 505

a photo of Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder review in shade 505
Perfect product to contour and sculpt your face,enhancing only the best features and diverting attention from any imperfections.With high pigment colour concentration and translucent coverage the illusion of a more structured face can be achieved without the excess product.

Monday,January 9,2017

Inglot What A Spice Collection HD Lip Tint Matte Review

On the last part of 2016,Inglot released their Autumn Collection called "What A Spice".This collection includes dark pastels,chocolate browns a deep reds.And included in this collection are 10 HD Lip Tints Matte and I was able to grab one in shade 37.

a photo of Inglot What A Spice Collection HD Lip Tint Matte

According to Inglot ---
"HD Lip Tint Matte is a new,trendy lip product that will provide full coverage and a silky matte finish.The product ensures a long lasting effect,does not smudge and is transfer resistant.A handy little sponge makes the lip tint easy to apply,while intense colours will compliment any makeup or skin tone. Available in 10 colours,ranging from subtle nudes to classic reds and darker statement shades. All INGLOT's HD products contain HD pigments.Ideal for everyday use,these products may also be used for filming in high definition,ensuring the face looks flawless even on a big screen."

a photo of Inglot What A Spice Collection HD Lip Tint Matte_Askmewhats亚博足球

Okay,I am admitting as early as now,you will probably see me wear a lot of brown lipsticks at the start of the year,I am recently obsessed to the 90's vibe and trust me,it's NOT YET DYING DOWN!I am actually curating all the Brown Shade lipsticks I own and put it in ONE container so I have "brown-choices".:P

Wednesday,November 9,2016

My Inglot Freedom System Palette Look

So finally,I've decided to create a simple makeup look using my newest Inglot Freedom System Palettewith the eyeshadows,face powder,cheek powder and lipsticks that I own in this palette!And don't judge me AMW friends, andun na ako eh,ubusan na to ng headshot poses!Well,it just proves that the shades made me feel comfortable enough to pose in front of the camera,even in person,I can do all those in seconds :P  Just for you my friends (konting pilit lang hahahaha)

Nikki wears Air Optix contact lens in Green

I am aiming to put the rest of my Inglot products in this palette,this is what I LOVE about the Freedom System,I get to put whatever Inglot makeup I need especially when I'm out on staycation.As a professional make up artist,this is the answer to my "lugging so much makeup during retouch"because I only need to carry ONE palette!Trust me when I say,it is a total ease!

For this particular tutorial,I used ALL the products included in my Freedom System Palette.The look can change depending on how you apply your shadows and what type of lipstick shade you would choose.In my case, (malakas kayo sa akin),I wore all 5 lipstick shades for you to pick your favorite!Because I'm the queen of changing lipstick between meetings,this is definitely my "trademark"for now!

Monday,September 19,2016

AMW Wears Inglot Lipstick Shade 45

And the result is....

If you are looking for highly pigmented,high shine and super gorgeous true-to-life RED from PAN to lips shade,go for Inglot Freedom System Lipstick in Shade 45.

My lips are super pigmented and most of the time,the lipstick shade changes upon application,not with this one from Inglot!

a photo of Inglot freedom system Lipstick Shade 45

To those who aren't familiar with the Inglot Freedom System,these are sold separately (in square pan) and you can purchase their palette to personalize your choice of shades!

Inglot Cosmetics are paraben free formula nad are not tested on animals,which is great news by the way!

I own quite a number of Inglot products and so far,the experience has always been positive!

Friday,July 29,2016

Amp-Up Your Eye Make Up in 1 Easy Step!

I know this tip is so simple and easy you probably knew it by now!But,just a few reminder to those who are make up newbies!Those who are complaining to me every time I teach them eye make up!The excuse will always be: "It's so difficult to blend,I don't know how to apply!"

Well girls!There is an easy solution to amp-up your eye make up without much effort!With my newest discovery Inglot AMC Eye Pencil!

a photo of Inglot AMC Eye Pencil in shade 85

The shade I got is no.85 which is close to an electric aqua blue shade.
It comes with a sharpened pencil for precise application as an eyeliner and you can use the sides of the pencil to apply all over the crease as an eyeshadow base!

As much as the pencil is retractable and you can get away without sharpening it!The good side about this pencil is that it comes with a Sharpener at the bottom part.

Saturday,July 23,2016

What To Expect When You Purchase Project Vanity's Girl Boss Glam Kit?

A "bag-full"of Beauty Products for Women on-the-go!
This KIT is curated by Project Vanity team headed by Ms.Liz Lanuzo for busy girls.These are daily essentials that can help you create a full-face makeup to face the world!

The pouch itself is a winner in my dictionary.The Dove Grey color is so unique I don't have a similar pouch color even though I own quite a number!

Now,I'm sure you're excited as I am to know the contents of Girl Boss Glam KIT.

Tuesday,January 26,2016

Inglot Stick Foundation Review

I am one of the many few who tend to skip foundation because it isn't exactly easy to apply especially when you only have a couple of minutes to do your make up during day time.  Stick foundations may be the solution to this problem but for people with dry skin (ahem,ME!),  I tend to shy away from this type of foundation because I am scared of the drying effect.

Enter Inglot Stick Foundation,the newest foundation stick from the brand that literally gives me the "no make up look"I want minus Dryness.

a photo of Inglot Stick Foundation shade 105

Inglot Stick Foundation Says ---
Enriched with evening primrose extract,Stick Foundation has conditioning properties and does not dry out the skin while providing strong coverage.Perfect to hide discoloration and other imperfections,it will ensure a long lasting flawless finish.
May be used as makeup for stage and theater.Perfect for face contouring.

Friday,December 25,2015

Last Minute Christmas Gift-Giving Guide..Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas AMW Friends!  Christmas day today and just like me,some of you are probably  juggling to finish your shopping list!  For the past 2 years,I find myself more productive when I shop during Christmas season!  Imagine the sale (got Christmas Tree for 50% off!),the lesser traffic and lesser mall crowds!

I realized,I just gave away my secret!  *hahaha*  Sorry godchildren,that's the reason why your ninang is always late in gift-giving!

So because I have a couple of hours left before I need to wrap gifts (again!),I will share some of my instant-gift giving finds that I personally would love to receive!  Are you ready?

Gift Idea #1 Makeup/Skincare Gift Sets

Estee Lauder brand has always been a WINNER in terms of gift sets!  No matter how much make up I own at the moment,these never fail to make me jump for joy!

Just like this set!


Thursday,November 26,2015

AMW Reviews: Inglot AMC Brow Liner Gel

Anyone who reads beauty blogs probably heard about the famous Anastacia Dip Brow Pomade!  I almost gave in and asked my cousin to purchase one for me but decided not to because I have so many brow products on hand!

So when I heard about how "identical"Inglot AMC Brow Liner Gel is with the Anastacia Dip Brow and the fact that this product is available locally,I had to give this a try!

Shade: 14
There are a total of 12 shades on Inglot website but I am unsure if locally,we carry all 12 shades!  Feel free to let me know in comment box below if you know the answer!TIA

Thursday,October 29,2015

AMW Reports: Inglot Beyond Freedom

When I think about the brand Inglot,there are a few things that come to mind ---

My love for their Berry Obsession Lipstick,I felt so cool and "in"every time I wear this!
How I can easily reach out my Inglot Freedom Palettewhenever I plan to do my makeup inside the car (parked by the way!)and if you follow me on Snapchat (@AskMeWhats),亚博足球you'll know I really do that!
and lastly,how Inglot Nail Enamelis breathe-able for the nails I can even leave them for weeks and my nails are still healthy as without polish!

During the #InglotBeyondFreedom event held last week at One Shangri-La Place,I added more of my favorite Inglot products --- the stick foundation and AMC Brow Gel!

Inglot Stick Foundation
Available in 9 shades from light to extremely dark! (check out the right most shade on the photo).  The texture is very smooth and creamy because they are enriched with evening primrose extract and does not dry skin and gives medium to full coverage!  So yes,if you are scared to use stick foundation just because they may seem drying to you,these aren't!

Friday,August 28,2015

Pet Angel x Purple Groom Shoot

Way before I became Kyle's mommy,I already consider myself a "mom"when I owned a pet.  The first time I took care of a pet is back when I was working in China.  A Dutch colleague planned a month-long vacation back in his hometown with his girlfriend and they have no one to leave their pet "Tee-Tee".  As I was jogging along the park,my colleague passed by with a bike with "Tee-Tee"sitting prettily on the bike basket.

I gave him a pat on his head and he nearly bit me!  (feisty!)  I don't know what my colleague sees in me but he exclaimed: "Can you be his mommy for a month?"I was like, "Are you crazy?  Didn't you see the dog tried to bite my hand?"

Fast forward to that "awkward mommy dog"stage which took a week or so,it was hard,yet it was the most fulfilling experience ever!  I treat "Tee-tee"like my own son and I literally had to run all the way home and rush up 6 flights of stairs holding with me canned Dog Food just because I missed him so much and I'm so scared he gets lonely!  We had our fair share of strolling along the park without leash and we instantly became best friends!  He sleeps inside my room and waits for me to wake up as I always give him a morning stroll!  I remembered once I got sick and he was just sitting beside me on bed for hours with a look of care and worry on his face!

The joys of owning a pet!  I'm sure fellow pet owners can relate!

One month went by pretty quickly and I had to return him to the couple owner,I was devastated!  I called my mom crying (I never cry over the phone)and I told her how I missed Tee Tee!  My mom,just to console me,promised me I'll get my own dog once I get back home!

And she kept her word!  1 Pomeranian was gifted to me by my uncle and I named her Lucky (indeed,she's a Lucky Angel to us!)  She gave birth to CharChar and Pudding and to cut the story short,I was the one who took care of both dogs!  I wake up an hour every night to feed both "babies".So yes,I had practice so I wasn't at all surprised when Kyle was born! (those sleepless nights?I'm an expert!)

Due to unfortunate events,Lucky (the mom)and Pudding passed away!  We had to get CharChar a partner so off we got ChinChin (yeah,we love names with double syllable I even call Kyle KyleKyle!)

So yeah,I can go on and on about my love for dogs and how the dogs helped me through homesickness and how they lifted my mom's spirit when she went through depression (storyHERE)

So no matter how busy my schedule was,I had to clear it up when I got an invite for a Pet Angel x Purple Groom Shoot.

If Purple Groom sounds familiar,well,it should be!  I had my first shoot with them 2+ years ago when I was just pregnant with Kyle!  (story HERE)

Monday,November 24,2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Colleagues

Every Christmas season,the company I work for would prepare for Exchange Gift and the fun starts even before the gift-exchanging itself!The fun starts at Creating your own screen name (from Local actors/actresses to cartoon names,etc...)to the whole guessing game of who picked who!

Now that I'm working from home,I'm missing all office gift-giving but that won't stop me from sharing my Christmas gift ideas!  And I'm picking products ranging from Php500.00-Php1,000.00.

For the Kikay Colleague
Ah,the easiest Exchange Gift Recipient in my dictionary!  It takes one to know one --- 'nuff said!  But if you're not Kikay or you're probably a guy who chanced upon this post,well,here are some gift ideas you  may give to your "Kikay"Colleague.

If you see her into eyeliner,purchase the limited edition K-Palette Rose Scented 1Day Tattoo Linerpriced at Php795.00!  She'll love this!

If she is into lip products,you may go for ---

Thursday,September 25,2014

AMW Reports: Inglot's Berry Obsession

Hi AMW Friends!
Advance apology for the cheese-y cover!  I can't help it!  I may be a PRO MUA who has been applying various shades of lipsticks on clients!  But you probably know by now how simple I am with my own makeup!  Who would've thought attending Inglot's Berry Obsession event could change my lipstick life forever?

Yes it did!  Because I am starting to wear deep,plum shade of lipstick!  That probably shocked my toddler and my parents but I feel so confident wearing one!

Backtrack during the event,the launch was held at Niner Ichi Nana.  Upon entry,I see chocolate covered berries (sorry yun talaga unang nakita)then Lipsticks,Nail Lacquers and Lip pencils. (All in that order)I have to hand it to the Inglot Philippines team,the event styling was done so well I can't help but flood my Instagram with Inglot Berry Obsession related photos during that day! (sorry!)

Friday,January 17,2014

This is How I Do It: My Inglot Freedom Palette Look

Happy Friday!!!
I am looking forward for this weekend but I am definitely NOT resting at all!  There's just so many things to do and there are times I pray I have 2 bodies!  *lol*  Do you feel the same?

Well,I'm busy preparing for a "trip" (will talk more about it when it's finalized)plus...moving out...and Baby Kyle's First Birthday Party!  Wish me luck!  I hope I can manage this!

I recently blogged about my new Inglot Freedom Paletteand I created a simple look using all the products included in my Freedom Palette.  Thanks to my dear reader Theresa for requesting a tutorial on this!  I hope this simple tutorial helps newbies out there!:D

My Inglot Freedom System Look

Thursday,January 9,2014

AMW Reviews: Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint (Shade 89)

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint made my heart flutter after first swipe!
When I first received my Inglot loot,the Sleeks Cream is the first and easiest product to try as it doesn't "ruin"the look of the product prior to picture taking #BloggerProblems

At first swipe,the scent is amazing and my lips felt immediately moisturized!  It's non-sticky and I thought,is it just a first-time-usage's luck?  You know how shampoos work really well on you at first wash then crappy the following washes?

Feel free to read my review and see if there's a change of heart!

Product spotlight:
Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint
in Shade 89

Saturday,January 4,2014

Something New: Inglot

Happy Weekend everyone!
Aren't you excited it's weekend again after going back to work for 2 days?  Well some of you probably aren't back at work until Monday *lucky you* but yours truly is a nerd,I'm back at work on Thursday and Friday so I'm really looking forward for the weekend!

Aside from looking forward for the weekend,I am looking forward for a very busy 2014!  Aside from more makeup seminars,shoots and gigs,I have makeup bookings for the year 2014 so I'm excited to share more makeover photos and tips!  As for makeup,I have thrown most of my makeup from last year (trust me,it hurts but it has to be done as some of them are quite old!)

As they say: "Out with the old,in with the new!"  and one of the new makeup brand that's included in my makeup traincase is Inglot!  I am so happy when I learned Inglot is finally in the Philippines.  They are what most of us are looking for...professional makeup at an affordable price!

I wasn't able to attend the launch of Inglot a couple of months ago,but thanks Marthafor helping me pick the shades for my Freedom Palette,you know me too well!I love the colors you picked!

For you who are afraid to visit the store,I'll include pricing details so the next time you pass by Inglot,you wouldn't be scared as the price points are really good considering the wide range of shades you can choose from!